Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Three Item Obsessions- for My Friend, P.

Dancing (poorly but with childish delight) around the kitchen, singing at the top of my lungs... makes me smile, hopefully it makes you smile, too.

It is finally springtime in North Carolina- this season belongs to this state.  Nothing is as breathtaking as the eruption of green and life that happens nearly overnight.  P., if you can get through the vomitous stench of Bradford Pears in bloom, your reward comes in the form of a state who's Spring is like life in the Garden of Eden.

And once the weather warms and the nights become mild... well.  I have always loved Patty Griffin- but this version of this song is perfect on those nights.  You will probably get it more than anyone else, P.

When you break down, I will drive out an find you.

Until next time.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Other-

Today I am missing a person whom I should not miss at all- a person I have not missed in a long, long time.

And it's not the person I am missing, not in particular.  It is the comfort of 'the other' that I miss.  The reassurance of a warm hand to hold; a skinny shoulder on which to rest my weary and troubled head.  I am missing discussion- and help.  I am missing the comfort of having another- the other- decision maker.  The person who bore part of a shared burden.

Because right now, the burden is all mine.

And i am missing that other who was my partner- childishly longing for his advice, his support, his presence.

But.  The other is not here, not presence.  The other is gone.  So it is me and my own brain, heart, and soul ploughing the way through this new adventure.

Until next time.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready, Set, Go... Or- Fearlessness that Borders on Stupidity.

We all make choices; we build lives out of decisions; we create worlds from the forks in the road.  We keep going until the next moment arises and then we continue into and away from that.

It is the way things work.

I just happen to make choices, build my life out of decisions and create my world from some oddly extreme forks in a most.... unusual manner.

To begin with, I try to not think about the decision I have made until the consequences of it are staring me in the face (landing in China and being able to understand exactly NOTHING; watching the sunrise over the beach in Australia; waking up to horses on my birthday in New Hampshire).  Then, and only then, do I deal with it.  For the most part once I have chosen a path (or flight for that matter) I hop on it and do what I have to do to travel it.

Which is why I am now looking at moving to Anchorage in exactly one month.  I don't think... not too much, anyway... Instead I accept the job; say yes to the Federal Government; and plow forward.  As most of you have probably figured out, I don't function the way most others do.  Which is how I find myself in situations like the aforementioned move to Anchorage.  I am without transportation, a place to live; and have very few contacts there.  Am I going to do it?  Yes.  Am I going to excel at it? Duh, of course.  Am I going to lose my cool at least, AT LEAST, 57 times between now and stepping onto the first in a series of flights which will take me to Alaska?  Most definitely.

I am not necessarily the wisest of people, not by a long shot or even a poor definition of wisdom, but I am by no means dumb or brick-wall-brained.  And I am certainly not fearful- hence that title.  I make the decisions that feel right- not the decisions that feel easy or good.  This move is me getting back to my roots- me getting back to the wandering, traveling, twisted and long long long roots that never seem to really grow anywhere but seem to plant me everywhere.

This is how I live- this is how I thrive.

Until next time... Anchorage Babies!