Saturday, July 27, 2013

What Happens at the Christmas (Eve) in July Party....

... Stays at the Christmas (Eve) in July Party.

But what the cat does the following morning is worthy of a wee photo blog.  What you are witnessing is Wifey's cat, Gizmo on an exploratory adventure...

... For the turkey carcass that you can see sitting in the opened oven... Yum. 


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obsessions- the July Edition

Here I am in Alaska- and all I can think of is getting somewhere else.  Getting another passport stamp- getting another notch in my travel belt.  I must go Go GO.  The one constant in my life- going.  And that website is feeding the need like no other sustenance.

My brother recently got a Boxer puppy and has since tried to convince me to go the same route- alas.  I have another plan.  Hopefully a rescue- hopefully a puppy- and hopefully a deliciously perfect companion.

Management of internet usage.  It is a long, complicated and fairly ridiculous story.

Every Thursday Night. Best ever way to end the work week (yes... Ranger work week.  I am Sunday to Thursday).

Holy Bananas- I am loving on the Buena Vista Social Club- which is going hand-in-hand with my other obsession of Languages.  I want to learn more, know more, speak more.  It has gotten somewhat ridiculous, but I am okay with that.  My ridiculousness has never quite been in control.

So that's that.

Learning, going, doing, seeing, dancing... well, I had not mentioned dancing.  But the urge is there.

Much love, friends.

Friday, July 12, 2013


I have two flatmates (or duplex-mates).  I have affectionately nick-named them Hooch! and Wifey (yes- the exclamation point is necessary when spelling Hooch!).

They are, categorically, the single-most redeeming.... everything... of my Alaskan experience so far.  Hooch! is wild and Southern and deliciously delicious while Wifey is SoCal and as gleefully evil as me.

I truly don't know how I lucked out on this one but these women- these absolutely perfect, brilliant, funny, interested and interesting, genuine women- they are keeping me in it from day to day.

Much love to all of you- but most love to my Wifey and Hooch!