Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Days You Bite the Bear...

And some days the bear bites the hell out of you.  And some days that bear starts gnawing at about 8:15 am Alaskan time (by the way, AK does indeed have it's own time zone).

The Bear in question is distance.  It has prowled around me all morning long as I attempt to nurse the wounds it inflicted earlier when it enthusiastically shredded my heart into tiny little heart-pieces.

Please don't get me wrong- I know that this Bear is just part of the price of the life I have very willfully and stubbornly chosen to lead.  And I usually willingly pay it.  Because I love the thrill of motion, moving, movement; I love the deep breath I have to take every time I board a plane or the zing of excitement when I cannot see out the rear view mirror because the Jeep is packed with my most precious belongings and I am setting out on yet another adventure.  I even love the frustration of having to deal with passport issues (currently I need to renew the hell out of mine), Customs, delayed planes, gas prices, packing-repacking-unpacking, 'goodbyes,' 'hellos,' 'goodbyes' again, the UNKNOWN element that will inevitably blow up in my face.  I love my Vagabond World and I can deal with that Bear.

That is, until days like today when the Bear reminds me that some connections should not be broken by distance because the break is simply too much to bear (sorry).  Distance hardly ever wins in my life and considerations, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes it forces my hand and makes me think about the settled, connected, KNOWN element.

Sometimes I don't want to be so far away.

Until next time,
Don't let the bear bring you down.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Confessional in August

I am hanging out on a particularly rainy Alaskan morning, eating a piece of toast, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to this album.  Yes, I know that I am a wee bit late in falling in love with it- but you are all used to my pop-culture deficiencies by now.  Anywho, in listening, I realized that the time had come for an August version of obsessions confessions!

Mahjong- thank you Sami Bruce- has taken over my life.  Seriously.  It's a little ridiculous. I could spend hours looking at those little tiles.  I may go blind staring at my computer screen.  I need to get a real kit and play in the soft, natural light of the real world.

I have become utterly obsessed with counting down the days until I fly away. In case curiosity has gotten to you- September 22.  After that I know that I will have another countdown going- fly to Costa Rica? Get a dog? Get a real job? Who knows.

Also, speaking of cultural deficiencies, how could I possibly NOT have known about Buena Vista Social Club before now?  And why did it take Alaska for them to really hit home??

The Glades.  Has anyone seen this?  Because I am officially obsessed with it- especially on rainy mornings like today... :).

Okay. That's all for now.  It's time to be marginally productive.  AKA... Mahjong.

Much love to all.