Monday, June 25, 2012


Dear Hipsters,

It's the middle of the summer.

Lose the skinny jeans, ditch the knit hats, and find yourselves some shorts- they can even be from the thrift store.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Yes.  Today IS the Summer Solstice.  What a beautiful moment in time- the day is long, leaving ages to meditate, ruminate, and appreciate.  This Solstice is about abundance- a celebration of the Tomatoes Ripening; the Strawberries Sweetening; the Zucchini Explosion.  It is a celebration of lightness and goodness and a witches brew of overflowing, flowering love.

Happy Solstice My Darling Dears.

And Until Next Time..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some Days

Are Worse Than Others.

Some days are days that I want to let go of forever and leave behind me.  But it never quite works that way- never works as I have planned.

Those days stay with me for as long as I want to forget them.  They float around the back of my head, punctuating daily life with pain, misunderstanding, and self-loathing.  They push me around and whisper terrible things.

Those days stick.

And they wound.

And they just won't let go.

No matter what I do, no matter how many lengths to which I go- travel to Iceland?  Get another tattoo- hopefully one that will last? Starve?- those days stay with me.  And even that is not the right amount of emphasis- they HAUNT me.

Some days are like poltergeists.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Northern Lights, A Bucket List, and the Pull of Motion

As I waffle about dropping an immense amount of money on a trip to Iceland (because I am a maladapt incapable of spending a significant amount of time in one place) I am reminded of several things.

The first of which is this 'bucket list' concept.  I have wanted to travel Iceland for as long as I can remember.  The history, the mythology, the beauty, the nature of the beast that is nature, the nature of the beast that is me- these components combined in me even as a 'barely pre-teen' of 12ish to send me on a bender.  The desire to go to this distant yet so profoundly present place has been with me ever since.  I even considered, at one point, studying the Nordic colonization of Iceland.  In Iceland.

Then I realized I would have to learn several ancient languages and I am nothing if not lazy so that option went rapidly out the proverbial door.

The second thing of which I am reminded keeps the 'bucket list' alive.  The Northern Lights.  Oh God, I want to see them.  I keep thinking 'I must see them before I die'.  And who knows when that will be, especially considering my present condition.  So of course I am leaning more and more toward Iceland because I can see them there.  I can see them in their perfect, crepuscular presence.  I can experience these auric appearances.

And that's the kicker, to be honest.  The pull of motion for me is to run and run and run and experience, literally, everything I can.  I know that I hate China and don't exactly have the warm fuzzies for Louisiana.  I know that I love Australia, New Zealand, New England, France, Belgium and feel comfortably ambivalent when it comes to Germany.  And there is so much more.  So many cultures, so much LIFE, out there.

I cannot wait.

The third thing of which I am reminded is the the opening lines of a poem I wrote when I was in middle or high school:

We drove for hours last night
To see the Northern Lights. 

Until next time, my darlings.